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Meeting Program

Dates: Jan 1, 2018 to Mar 31, 2018

February 6
Holly Dean - Marketing Your Art
Holly affirms: “ I believe we all have a strong, basic need to explore and create. When we give ourselves permission to play, to be childlike again, we discover who we are. Magic is invited in.” Holly will talk about how to promote your art – building a website, what to include, driving traffic to your website through social media, and much more.
‘Taking your art to the next level....’ You won’t want to miss this evening.

March 6
Jacky MacDonald - Palette Knife Demo & Elements of Good Composition
Local artist and former MAA member, Jacky MacDonald will give a demonstration using the palette knife, while also discussing the elements of good composition.

Jacky moved to Europe as a teenager, studying the works of the Great Masters on display in the museums of Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Madrid. She studied fashion design with Richard Robinson, taught at Algonquin College and the Ottawa Board of Education. In 2015 Jacky’s design, The Autumn Express, was chosen by the Ro yal Canadian Mint for the $20 silver coin. Jacky’s paintings have been on display at a number of Canadian Galleries, including Koyman Galleries in Ottawa.


Hunt Club Riverside Exhibition

Dates: Jan 1, 2018 to Feb 24, 2018

HuntClubExhibitOut There
Diane Bertrand
Martin Damus
Susan Moxley
Thomas Greene
Lara Charlebois
Aimee Britton
Signhild Damus


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