Grid Rentals

The Manotick Art Association has an inventory of 255 metal art grids that measure 2’ x 6’.  37 of these grids are stored in Kars and the remaining 218 are stored in Manotick. These art grids are available for members to rent if they are not required by the association. The art grids are rented out at a cost $2.00 per grid for the first day and $1.00 each day thereafter. This rental charge is applicable to the day(s) that the grids are used.  There is no rental charge for days that the grids are picked up or dropped off provided that they are not used for display purposes.

The renter of the art grids must be a member of the Manotick Art Association and assumes all responsibility for pick up and drop off of the grids.  A full replacement cost will be charged for all lost or damaged grids. This individual also assumes all responsibility for personal injury during pick up, installation and drop off.

Reservations and rentals can be arranged with Diane Bertrand at Grid Rentals,

or by mail directed to 720 Queen Park, Gatineau, J9J 3T7 .

Grid Policy
Adopted at the September 2012 meeting

  1. Grid rental fee for MAA members is $2.00 for the first show day per grid  then $1.00 per grid, per show day.
  2. Grids must be kept in good condition.
  3. Member requesting grids is responsible for damage and/or loss and must purchase replacement within a reasonable amount of time.
  4. Grids will not be available for personal use during MAA show times.

Grid Rental Form  

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