Plein Air Checklist

all items are optional

  • portable easel -aluminum is lighter than wood
  • supplies bag or box or knapsack
  • portable stool or chair
  • paints and mediums, thinners, retarders etc 
  • water sprayer
  • palette and palette paper; wax paper is cheaper
  • solvent in small plastic bottles 
  • water/solvent can and hanger
  • brush can and hanger
  • palette cups 
  • brushes, palette knife 
  • painting surfaces
  • small sketchbook and sketching tools
  • grey markers
  • grey scales
  • pastel pencils/sharpener
  • dividers
  • rags or paper towels 
  • disposable plastic bag for dirty rags 
  • plastic sheet for rain protection
  • camera 
  • umbrella 
  • compact mirror for looking at paintings in reverse 
  • viewfinder 
  • pliers and screwdriver-tube caps get STUCK! 
  • water and lunch -sometimes we find a local eatery 
  • insect repellent 
  • first-aid kit 
  • sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat,sunblock 
  • cell phone-ear plugs if you to blast music
  • bungees/carbines
  • cardboard backing to block sun
  • rain gear
  • proper footwear

A healthy respect for nature and the environment.


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