2021-2022 lecture Series (Via zoom)

Jane Monteith September 7, 2021

One artist’s successful trajectory in the world of art


Jane Monteith has been painting for as long as she can remember! She loves all forms of art but is primarily an abstract artist using alcohol inks and resin. She developed her Mod Minis, which were so successful she began producing how to YouTube videos. As a high energy young artist she experimented with many different products and designs. She has written a book, designed courses on-line and shows her work at Koyman Galleries. Jane will describe her amazingly successful trajectory in the world of art.

Martha Kokkinos October 5, 2021

Colour Texture and Movement: The Perspective of an Abstract Artist


Martha Kokkinos was born in Montreal in 1963. She is a self-taught artist working out of her home studio in Ottawa, Ontario. Martha has always had a passion for art, spending countless hours drawing and sketching as a child. As an adult she started to explore mediums such as oil and acrylic paint and enrolled in several courses at the Ottawa School of Art.

She has enjoyed the freedom that painting gives her, the fluidity and expressiveness it offers, gravitating towards acrylic because it allows her the ability to be spontaneous with color and texture. Color in fact is the most stimulating aspect of her work. It is the starting point for every painting. The way a variety of hues play off each other, and change as they relate to one other is what sets the tone for each painting.

Her technique can be described as an energetic and spontaneous application of colour used to create non objective works on paper or canvas.

The medium decides what will happen and ultimately dictates the end result. The work is about colour, texture and movement. The viewer is then left to attach their own connection and emotion to the work from these elements.

Karen Bailey November 2, 2021

Karen’s New Project: A Brush with History

www.karen bailey.ca

Themes of service and community inform my work. As a visual storyteller, my narratives trigger memories through depictions of familiar scenes: common place subjects engaged in every day rituals. 
As a war artist I focused on themes of healing and service through my portrayal of Canadian military medical personnel caring for the wounded in a war zone, Afghanistan. These acts of service are echoed in my more domestic settings on the home front: the ecclesiastic milieu, beauty salons, charity shops and restaurants. The figures who inhabit these works promote the social bonds formed within these environments.
Through my art I strive to highlight the decency of ordinary people and to reflect the efforts and strengths of the citizens and non-human animals who enrich our community. 


Linda Lovisa  December 7,2021

Painting the Winter Scene (tips & techniques)


Kelowna artist Linda Lovisa paints Alla Prima. (direct approach) This type of painting keeps the colours fresh and vibrant while mixing direct on the canvas. Her techniques include Impressionism, symbolism and abstraction. Although she works primarily in acrylic, she continues to explore a wide range of media including pastel, mixed media and watercolour.

Linda’s paintings have appeared in exhibits across Canada and the United States and can be found in private and public collections nationally and internationally. Linda has been awarded a Gold Award and an Award of Excellence by The Federation of Canadian Artists.

Linda’s creativity and beautiful artwork can also be found in two children’s books she has recently written and illustrated in watercolour. She is looking forward to sharing more stories with you in her series,” The Adventures of Gordon the Canada Goose”

Jenn Raby January 4, 2022

Batik Art


Jenn Raby’s art education started early.  Her mother provided her with inspiration and nurturing, creative environment.  Although being given formal schooling in the history of fine arts and their medias – oils, water cooler, acrylics, pastel,sculpture, ink and graphite, etc…. it was through her mother, of course an artist, that Jenn found her visual voice with batik and watercolour in her twenties.  Her passion for Batik was born and has been kept alive and well by its’ unique elements and its’ petulant requirement for innovative thinking and action.  Within a few years she longed to share the joy and magic of this media with others and began to offer classes to adults through the Ottawa City Programs.

Jenn was co-founder of the original Batik Artist Association of Canada (BAAC) and an active member for over 12 years of the Rideau Lakes Artist Association.  Jenn is currently on the executive of Artworks Perth Studio Tour, CEO of Perth Visual Voice Development Program and an active member of Manotick Artist Association, Ottawa Water Colour Society, Art Lending Library of Ottawa and West Carleton Arts Society.

Supporting the visual arts in the surrounding Rideau Area

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