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Giedre Abromaitis

Celebrating Canada’s wilderness

Mackenzie Allen

Speak beauty versus speak words, see beauty versus see the world

Karen Auger

Nature’s Blueprints are impressions from forms and patterns found in the natural world around our neighborhoods

Jules Beauregard

Artistic wood turner

Amanda Bennett

Amanda Bennett is an oil and watercolour artist specializing in landscapes, portraits, and still life.

Ben Bennett

Always looking for the unusual angles…

Michel Bertrand

The beauty and the expression of the wood

The beauty and the expression of the wood

Ingrid Black

Food for thought and for the eyes…

Gary Blake

Acrylics by Gary – Representational Landscapes

Edward (Ted) Burnside

Rural Scenes and Animal Portraits in Acrylic

Celeste Charland

Painting vibrant and colourful portraits, still life and landscape in oil and acrylic to celebrate the beauty in every day life.

Margaret Chwialkowska

Working in oil to capture timeless grandeur and the ever-changing moods of the Ottawa River and the forests of Gatineau Hills.

John Hugh Craig

Nature and Wildlife Photography – bringing the outdoors into your home environment.

Jaynie Coulterman

Abstracted rural scenery and natural landscapes in bold colour

Signhild Damus

My abstract art is meant to inspire and lend form to the imagination

Marie-France L’Ecuyer

I paint what I love: mountains and landscapes I hike in; trees and waters I sit by; and beautiful flowers and shrubs arranged by nature or human hands for me to marvel at.

Erika Farkas

Capturing and sharing the beauty of my perceived reality through pastel pencils

Thomas Greene

Expressionist abstracts that use pools and strings of color to stimulate the emotions

Denise Guillemette

Vibrant and colourful with a touch of impressionism

Trevor Jones

Detailed depictions of landscapes using oil on canvas

Danielle Lauzon

Soothing environments of my imagination

Cara Lipsett

Cara paints wild skies and shimmering water in acrylic on canvas.

Linda Lovell

Contemporary Canadian Landscapes in Oil

Shirley MacKenzie

Visual Artist and Illustrator, telling stories with words, and sometimes without.

Martha Markowsky

Backlanes of New Edinburgh in winter.

Susan Moxley

Satisfying the need to create joy and beauty

Elizabeth Nanninga

Painting to notice beauty and invite to rest

Andrea Oatway

My painting reflects my love for colouring outside the lines!

Nicole Parent

Tranquility and beauty of natural spaces

William Punt

Canadian Landscapes in Oil and Acrylics

Bonnie-Dee Racette

Paints mainly flowers, primarily in oils, but occasionally in acrylics.

Catherine Schissel

Landscape and seascape paintings in oil and acrylic describing the power of nature with bold brushstrokes and palette knives.

Irene Simm

Unique mixed media paintings

Charles Spratt

Landscape painter, art instructor, coordinator MAA plein air painting program.

Daniel St-Cyr

Joie de vivre in a fusion of classic and impressionist style

Bev Wilcox

Bringing joyful colour to life!

Peter Winfield

The beauty of nature through mindfulness and art

Supporting the visual arts in the surrounding Rideau Area

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