The MAA follows standard practice for ensuring the safety of personal and association information.

What information is collected?
We get information from membership forms; show and workshop registrations; and sales records. Summary information is included in the minutes of meetings; the monthly newsletter; financial and other reports.

How is the information used?
We use the information to keep an updated list of members; to analyze information to make decisions; and to produce reports on MAA activities.

What member personal information is put on the website?
The only personal information that we put on the website is that for which we have gotten consent such as a member's biographical information in the artist gallery; links to member websites; and summary reports from MAA activities.

How is information on the website protected?
We have set up automatic monitors to prevent others from accessing the sensitive areas. More importantly, we post only information gotten by consent. We also check activity logs for unusual activity and have other security measures to keep unwanted intrusions to the MAA website.

Do we share the information with outside parties?
The Membership Database and Financial records are private and we follow standard Privacy practice. We do not as yet have a non-Disclosure agreement but the understanding is that we do not allow access to private information to anyone but members of the Executive and the Webmaster.

Can you change or remove my personal information?
Yes. Send a note to the Membership Coordinator. They will remove or change personal information you have concerns about.

What about references to other web pages?
We post references related to Arts and Arts MAA members under Member Events.


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