Exhibitions Criteria

Splash Gallery

What is the Splash Gallery?

The Splash Gallery is located inside the Manotick Public Library and provides an ongoing venue for members to display artwork to the public.

How do I get onto the schedule for Splash Gallery exhibits?
Contact Sheila King at manoticklibrary@manotickart.ca or talk to someone at one of the regular meetings of the MAA.

Is there any cost associated with exhibiting at the Splash Gallery?
There is no cost for exhibiting at the Splash Gallery and neither the Library nor MAA collect any commission on sales.

What criteria must the artwork meet?
All work displayed at MAA Exhibitions must adhere to the following standard criteria and any other additional criteria for each particular exhibition. MAA has the right to refuse any work that does not meet the criteria and/or is not deemed appropriate.

  1. Work must be the original work of the member.
  2. Frames, where used, should be of solid construction and undamaged. Glass, if used, should be clean inside and out.
  3. Hanging work must have secure hardware with a strong wire on the back.
  4. Any other media (e.g., sculpture, pottery) must be safely displayed and protected as necessary.
  5. Staples must not be visible on canvas pieces. Edges on unframed gallery depth canvas (1 ½” or greater) must be painted. The preference is that shallower depth canvas (less than 1 ½”) be framed; however, they can be displayed unframed with finished edges. Work on paper (i.e., watercolours, pastels) must be framed (with glass where appropriate). Wooden or Masonite boards with finished edges are also accepted unframed.
  6. Securely attach a label to the back of the work with the name and phone number of the artist, the title, price and list of materials used and other contact information at the artist’s discretion (e.g., address, email, website).
  7. The artist must not remove their work until the end of the show/exhibition.
  8. MAA membership fees must be up to date for inclusion in a show/exhibition.
  9. Any damage to or loss of artwork and display material (e.g., shelves, tables) is the responsibility of the artist.

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