Manotick Public Library (Splash Gallery)

Ted Burnside, a retired Animal Geneticist who is a member of the Manotick Art Association has a unique exhibit of dogs and people who walk their pets on Long Island, It is on display at the Manotick Public Library until Oct 18th. On that date Ted has proposed that those who do not own the painting of their pet may take ownership by pledging a donation to the Ottawa Food Bank or the Canadian Red Cross . Ted suggests the smaller (12’ x16’ ) paintings could garner a donation of $100 or more, and the few larger paintings (16” x20”) might garner donations of $200 or more. He points out that Red Cross donations are needed in the East Coast, and the Canadian Government doubles any donation right now.  Dog owners might wish to drop by the Library on Oct 18 at 11:00am to pick up their paintings. The owners will get tax receipts from both of these charities, which are the favourites of Ted and Laurene Burnside.

Supporting the visual arts in the surrounding Rideau Area

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