Hello MAA artists!

It is almost 2021 and I hope that you are all still safe and healthy. May 2021 bring us together again—in paint ins, paint outs, shows, workshops, and meetings. In the meantime, until we are able to meet again in person, MAA will continue to do everything we can to offer you interesting monthly zoom presentations and other opportunities to show your work and to interact.

January Zoom Presentation

On January 5th, at 7 PM, MAA presents a talk by Adrian Gor. You may read about this artist and presentation at

To receive your Zoom invitation, please register with Brian Graham at by January 3rd.

New Website

The new website has been launched! Thanks again to Jaynie Coulterman, Tom Greene, and Brian Graham for all the work they have put in and continue to put in making our website fresh and user friendly. If you haven’t yet done so, please take some time to browse around and familiarize yourself with the website. You will notice that on the home page there is a featured artist. This will change monthly based on submissions to our Artists Gallery. Therefore, if you would like to be part of the Gallery, and hence be one of the featured artists, please submit work according to the following instructions:

Gallery File Requirements

Images should be approximately a minimum of 1500 pixels on any side. A little above or below that number is acceptable. What is important is that images:

  • be in .jpg format
  • be of a high enough resolution to be edited
  • are in focus, not blurry
  • free of glare from glass in the frame or shiny surfaces on the artwork (best to photograph artwork unframed)
  • are correctly exposed, not too dark or too bright
  • are evenly lit
  • are level and parallel to the camera, top or bottom not tilted back or forward
  • are cropped properly so that the frame or area outside of the artwork is not visible

Artwork File Naming

1. Artist’s Gallery

Image Number 1 – 6 Last Name First Name Title


01_Graham_Brian_Morning Mist.jpg

* Image #1 should be the image that you would like to use for your main gallery page

2. Virtual Online Art Shows

The same process used for artist’s galleries should be used here, making sure that the image number is the first item in the image file name.

Additional information such as size, medium, price, and framing should also be part of the image file name.

Image Sizing

If you do not know how to resize your images just send us the original full size image and we will resize it.

In addition to your image files we also require:

-a one sentence tagline (description of your style and/or type or purpose of your work)

-a 2 or 3 sentence artist statement for your gallery page

* We cannot post your images to your gallery until we have all of the required

information: -images -tagline -artist statement

Submission of files for posting in your gallery

1. When your images, tagline, and artist statement are ready you should go to: and fill out the Upload Images form. You can copy and paste the text from your tagline and artist statement into the online form.

You do not need to cc the President in your submissions. If you have questions please direct them to

MAA Virtual Show

MAA’s first virtual show was a decent success. We had 10 sales and one pending. Congratulations goes out to the following artists on their sales:

Signhild Damus—3 sales
Edie Hebert—3 sales
Giedre Abromaitis—2 sales
Soraya Silvestri—1 sale
Rachel MacDonald—1 sale
Danielle Caron—1 sale pending

Should we not be able to hold our regular in person spring sale, we will look to hold another virtual show. Please follow the newsletter for details.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Giedre Abromaitis
President, MAA

Supporting the visual arts in the surrounding Rideau Area