Past lectures

Tuesday January 5th, 7 pm to 8.30pm


Artist Statement, 2020

My artistic practice derives from an earlier experience of making Byzantine icons using hand- crafted organic materials as wood and egg-tempera and witnessing how beholders adored these icons. This medieval, “slow-paced” media does not only invite viewers to get closer to feeling nature in our consumerist-digital age, but also to search for a sense of sacredness that would venerate our bodies as living ‘containers’.

As an image-maker, I am concerned with our consumerist culture, which is designed and triggered to engage our bodies in unhealthy habits. My focus is on the violence and sexualized symbolism of surrounding images that hide behind objects of daily living. Leitmotivs in my work are the shopping carts and drone machines that symbolize ‘containers’ of desires and notions of truth.

In experimenting with medieval materials such as natural pigments, wood, animal hide, cheesecloth, gold leaf and techniques of engraving and egg-tempera, my recent works release the traditional format of the icon from its flat surface to reflect on how our physical bodies coalesce and conflict with consumerist visual culture.

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