On-Line Show

The Manotick Art Association is excited to offer you an on-line edition of our popular “Inspirations” Art Show and Sale.  Even though our physical Spring and Fall Shows have not been possible for the past year, our artists just keep on creating!   We hope you enjoy browsing through this collection of original works by talented local artists.

To see each artist’s “booth”, click on the artist’s name or image. Click on any image in the gallery to see it full screen.  At the bottom of the full screen image, click on “i” for title, size, price and other details.

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Marie-France L'Ecuyer

My paintings reflect my personality. The beauty of nature, the drama of landscapes and the joy of being outdoors ignite my desire to paint … to load my brush with colour and to feel it move on canvas.

Eiko Emori

I make my sculptures using the pâte-de-verre method, an ancient glass-making technique. I try to commune with those ancient craftsmen who toiled away at their craft, gathering sand, modelling forms with wax, building plaster moulds, losing wax, charging glass powder, heating the charged moulds with wood fire, and then painstakingly removing the plaster from the glass sculpture after it has cooled.

Caroline Evans

I use the textural qualities of oil paint to portray all the corners of our beautiful planet and everyday activities. I hope that my paintings engender feelings of happiness in the viewer.

Marje Fletcher

My quest as an artist is to capture the mystery and beauty of nature through the exploration of space,
colour, light and expressive brushwork. I wish to suggest - not to overly describe - to leave some mystery and magic for the viewer to discover.

Thomas Greene

Pools of color and form intended to represent the emotional perspective of the artist and evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

Ann Sutherland Gruchy

Works in acrylic, mixed media and watercolour playing with light, colour and texture to create semi abstract images.

Denise Guillemette

Vibrant and colourful with a touch of impressionism.

Sheila King

Just me, paint, brushes and a canvas inspire glorious colourful visuals in my head thus creating a calming pastime.

Carol Laity

My paintings cover a wide variety of subjects.  I love to challenge myself to try new things.  Past examples would be a a pair of snazzy running shoes to a classic vintage car.  I never know what's next.

Danielle Lauzon

Soothing environments of my imagination

Linda Lovell

Contemporary landscapes in oil that reflect my love of nature and colour.

Rachel MacDonald

Rachel's floral watercolours are inspired by the beauty of local gardens.   She believes we desperately need beauty in our lives and her focus is on creating one-of-a-kind original works.

Gilly Marston

My recent art projects have mostly been divided into two series. The ‘North West’ series focuses on travel in the western mountains and Alaska. The distinctive series, ‘Tide’s Out’, focuses on a close-up views of seashore life. The signature piece in the Tide’s Out series is titled ‘Remembering Rachel’.

Kathy McGuire

My art reflects the love and appreciation I have for nature, and animals in particular.  I enjoy working in a more realistic style.  I have been lucky enough to make my living as an artist since 1990.

Jacinthe Morin

A watercolor artist at heart, I'm blessed to be surrounded by picturesque landscapes. I have the pleasure to retransmit these beautiful landscapes and this beautiful light on the watercolor paper while letting the fluidity and the pigment mix. Magical result.

Susan Moxley

For the Inspirations show, I have selected a Canadian Landscape, for the most part, set of recent paintings, illustrating my perspective and interpretation of the physical beauty of the world in which we inhabit.

Elizabeth Nanninga

My paintings are peaceful landscapes. My motto is to “paint to notice beauty and invite to rest”.

Jenn Raby

I dipped my brush in dye and touched it to the white fabric stretched out before me, the colour spread stopping here and there as it met my initial wax placements. It was magical and I knew that I had to explore and develop this process (40 years+).  My batik techniques can best be compared to water color, but less forgiving and more enduring.

Bonnie-Dee Racette

I love painting flowers because I love their shapes, colours and the emotions they evoke! I also occasionally paint abstracts. The medium is primarily oils, but sometimes acrylic.

Brian Sorlie

As a watercolour painter my subject matter is landscapes - both wild and tame.
Having done both plein-air and studio work most of my work now is studio based using photos and pencil sketches with an interest in the local scene.

John Walsh

Parallel to my architectural design career, I obtained skills in watercolour and acrylic media.  Living in Southern Ontario and the "Haute Gatineau" I am moved by the beauty and the contrast of natural and man-made environment.  As a member of various art groups, my work has been awarded at juried art shows and is held in corporate and private collections.

Giedre Abromaitis

My subjects are mostly taken from the beautiful Canadian landscapes viewed through my travels. I am inspired by the mountains and the oceans, but especially by our lovely Ontario Park system. My paintings try to capture the variety of shape and colour that is found during all four seasons.

Sandy Armstrong

I love to paint flowers and landscapes and my choice of medium is acrylic.

Michel Bertrand

I am a woodturner and I use a lathe to create hollow forms. I prefer to use burls from maple or cherry trees, only when the tree is no longer good. Because their grain is fantastic and the burls have a lot of openings, if we put a candle inside it, it makes a very nice effect. I also like to do some designs of trees on the hollow forms.

Edward Burnside

I like painting rural scenes and animals, as I farmed and taught Animal Genetics in my professional life. Form , function and mixing acrylics is now my avocation.

Margaret Chwialkowska

Internationally recognized Ottawa artist, Margaret Chwialkowska, works to capture timeless grandeur of the Ottawa River and the moods of Gatineau forests.  She paints alla prima, using palette knives in a loose, spontaneous style allowing texture to evolve naturally.  Her work, distinguished by vibrant, almost fantastical colours and dramatic textures, has been honoured by numerous artistic awards.

Jaynie Coulterman

Abstracted rural scenery and natural landscapes in bold colour

John Craig

I am a local wildlife and nature photographer. I enjoy capturing wildlife in the natural habitat. I take many photos on or around the Rideau River and surrounding areas.

Louise Dubois

Reflections of nature in the fluidity and beauty of watercolor.

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