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Guidelines for a Productive and Enjoyable Workshop

Workshop Rules and Regulations

“Creating Captivating Paintings” with Heather Pant (via Zoom)

Be sure not to miss out on this one-day workshop with Calgary-based Artist Heather Pant. She will demonstrate her techniques used to produce her captivating paintings in acrylic. Heather will also be taking questions at the end of her demonstration.  This Zoom workshop will be recorded and will be forwarded to all who attend the workshop. All Skill Levels are Welcome.

The supply list will be sent once you have registered.

Enjoy a workshop without having to leave your house.

When – January 21 (Saturday), 2023

Where – Zoom

Cost – $30

Time – 12:30pm to 3:30pm EST

Medium – Acrylic

Registration –

Payment –

The class will be open to non-members as of Dec.15th

About the Artist:

Artist Heather Pant has been painting in acrylics and oils much of her life and professionally for the past 25 years.  Enjoy her unique style and magnificent use of color as you escape into one of her many mountain scenes of rivers, lakes, peaks, and waterfalls in the majestic and inspiring Canadian wilderness. “I Live to Paint and I Paint what I Love”.

 “Living in Calgary, Alberta and originally from Chicago, Illinois, for me as an artist, the close proximity of the prairies, foothills and mountains of Alberta and British Columbia provides me with a never-ending source of inspiration to be creative. “

 Heather’s motivation and inspiration come from the movement and colors of her surroundings. Her use of bold vivid colors and movement provide the viewer with a truly introspective experience, evoking a distinctive sense of emotion through her creations on canvas.

 Heather Pant is an accomplished computer graphic designer, with extensive experience in advertising and marketing. As a member for many years of the Chicago Artist Coalition she has participated in numerous solo and public art exhibits both in Canada and the US. Her paintings are collected internationally and are held in both corporate and private collections. As a resident of Calgary, she would like to share with you her body of work and appreciation for our country’s beauty, color and textures. Heather also annually donates select pieces of her work in support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, and Kathy’s Run (in support of fighting and finding a cure for pancreatic cancer).

“Mastering Acrylics” With David Langevin
(via Zoom)

 Learn everything you need to know to master acrylic painting:  Do you have questions about the differences between oils and acrylics; which mediums to use; what quality or brand of paints are best; how to create great texture effects using gel mediums; which brushes are best for acrylics… 

In this workshop the focus will be on learning the specific properties of acrylics and how you can use them to achieve fantastic results.  Emphasis will be on mastering the materials and skills to help you be a better painter.  You will learn to master the medium and effectively apply glazes, veils, and impasto layers of paint.  Painting demos will also be featured.
This workshop is designed for artists with some painting experience in oils, acrylics, or even watercolors.  Acrylic paints are relatively new and how to use them effectively is still a challenge for many artists.  Techniques that are successful when using oil paints or watercolors do not often yield good results when applied to acrylic paints.  This is because the physical and chemical properties of the synthetic acrylic paints are unique.  
Come prepared to take notes, ask questions, and to paint.

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn new acrylic techniques and tips with artist and teacher David Langevin

When – February 18th &19th 2023

Where- Via ZOOM

Cost – $90

Time – 12pm to 4pm EST

Medium – Acrylic


Payment –

Max of 25 students for this class

If Class is not full will Open to Non-Members Jan 2/2023 at cost of $125.

About the Artist:

Trees and rocks, water and sky, mountains and snow, these elements, combined with distinctive painting methods and an audacious style, have characterized the paintings of this well-known Canadian artist.  

David Langevin’s dramatic renditions of the Canadian wilderness and his bold ‘tree portraits’ have become almost as familiar as the subject they depict.  His art is represented in galleries across the country and has inspired many nature lovers, artists, and of course, collectors.  Moreover, his striking use of light and unique painting methods have created a captivating vision of this country’s landscape that has even influenced the way many art lovers and collectors of his work view those same subjects; a hike in the forest or the mountains is never the same for those who have come to know Langevin’s imagery.

After finishing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Ottawa, David spent several years perfecting his painting skills. He pored over old texts, treatises, and manuscripts stored in the backrooms of art restoration departments and libraries reserved for conservationists. David obtained a Masters in Art Education degree from McGill University, specializing in methods and materials for the painter.

Since 1992, he has been living in British Columbia where he finds an endless supply of inspiration for his art. David gives lectures and presentations on painting and the art market, he teaches, coaches and conducts workshops on painting materials and techniques.

Developing a Strong Landscape Painting with Barb Sohn

This two-day workshop is designed to introduce students to techniques for planning and developing a strong landscape painting in acrylic paint.  It is designed for any artist who is interested in my intuitive approach to interpreting landscape and water.

We will begin with a brief review of fundamentals of composition and values, using a reference photo of the student’s choice.  Bring a selection of photos. 

We will develop the composition of the painting together through a series of thumbnail sketches, working it up into a full-sized painting. I will demonstrate the development of a strong painting to get us started, and conversation about colour will accompany demonstration and supervisions.

The second day students will continue to work from their reference photo. Demonstrations will be used through out the day to show colour choices.  We will end with a final critique and discussion.

Demos will be done in acrylics, but you can also paint in oils.

Every time Barb teaches it is new, since her courses are always student driven. The chance to spend extended time with a small group of students will allow us to delve into each person’s own artistic explorations. Barb helps her students to better understand and articulate their own unique visual language.

When – March 25th and 26th , 2023 (Saturday & Sunday)

Where- Manotick United Church, 5567 Manotick Main St.

Cost – $115

Time – 10am to 4pm (with ½ hour lunch break)

Medium – Acrylic


Payment –

Max of 15 students for this class

Registration will be open to non-members Feb 20th if class is not full at a cost of $150.

About the Artist:

Barb is a landscape artist who specializes in capturing the beauty of water and landscape in local eastern Ontario, Quebec and northeastern US.   She works in acrylics on canvas.

Her paintings are a reflection of her fascination with the interaction between light, colour and pattern in water and landscape. Because of the many layers of design and colour found in water, the possibilities are endless. Barb paints landscapes, but she always come back to water.

Each painting has two stories. The first one is her personal experience that led her to notice the scene and see the potential for a painting. The second story is the life of the painting when it is transformed from her experience into art.

Colour is important.  She usually begins with an underpainting in a contrasting colour, which provides vibrancy, contrast and continuity to the painting.  The initial blocking is done with purple or red. Then, with the addition of colour, the painting takes on a life of its own.  It seems that the best paintings paint themselves.

Barb was a member of the West End Studio Tour in Ottawa for 15 years. She is now a member of the Rideau Valley Artist Association, the West Carleton Art Association and the Ontario Plein Air Society.  Barb has work in the Ottawa Art Gallery and has exhibited at various galleries throughout Ottawa and the Gatineau. Her art is in collections all over the world.

The Painter’s Essential Landscape

Online Acrylic Workshop with well-known artist Linda Kemp

Conjure the spirit of the landscape in this innovative program. Discover secrets and strategies for interpreting and simplifying the landscape as you build your painting from the ground up with overlapping bands and interlocking shapes.

Learn negative painting strategies and the successful sequencing of opaque and transparent glazes for a luxurious patina and gentle glow in your work.

Explore brushwork techniques for creating textures and subtle transitions of delicate tints and muted hues. Learn how to layer lost and found edges to suggest windswept meadows and distant trees. Investigate how and where to use captured negatives and establish minimal hard edges to gradually bring your work into soft focus.

Whether you work on location, from your imagination or photos, you will be amazed by this elegant, alternative method of painting the landscape.

Both days include live Keynote presentations, paint-along exercises, a full video demonstration, personal painting time and live Q&A.

Linda will create a private webpage for the workshop where you will find reference photos, student handouts, specific supply lists and a bonus video. All of the main demonstrations will be posted on our webpage for 6 weeks following the workshop.

Here are some of the topics and lessons we will work on together:

– Seeing the landscape in a new, inspiring way.

– Translating what you see into a great painting plan.

– Simplified landscape design and dynamic stylizing.

– Landscape shape-making basics.

– Layering shapes to build a landscape.

– Creating expressive textures that paint the foreground for you!

Join us and discover the joy of creating landscapes using negative painting techniques. This exciting, alternative approach may start you on the path to creating your best acrylic landscapes ever!

When – May 9th & 10th (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Where- Online Via Zoom (in the comfort of your own home)

Cost – $160

Time – 10am to 3pm (with 1 hour lunch break)

Medium – Acrylic


Payment –

Min of  students for this class 10

Max of students for this class 25

Registration will be open to non-members March 27th, 2023 if class is not full, at a cost of $190.

About The Instructor
Linda Kemp is internationally recognized for her unique, contemporary watercolors and acrylics. Her innovative use of negative painting is the focus of her two best-selling books, Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines and Simplifying Design and Color For Artists. Linda is featured in art publications, video and internet forums, with over one million YouTube views. 
She is honored to be a Life Member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC), the Ontario Society of Artists (OSA) and a Life Member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA). Her award-winning paintings are in collections around the world, including The Royal Collection, Windsor Castle, U.K. 
In 2008 Linda was awarded the A.J. Casson Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Water Colour, the top award for the CSPWC National Exhibition, Open Waters. In 2005 she was awarded Woman of the Year for Arts and Culture.
Linda is an enthusiastic teacher who truly cares about the sharing of knowledge with her students, she instructs at symposiums and workshops throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and France. She has served as juror for numerous national and international exhibitions including the 2020 Women in Watercolor International Juried Competition. 

Supporting the visual arts in the surrounding Rideau Area

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